Nuba warn Kiir over possible SPLM disintegration

29 March 2010 (ST)

A leader from Nuba Mountains, who fought equally with Southerners during the two decades of civil war, has warned today in a stern statement of possible disintegration of the SPLM if it does not handle the current situation carefully.

"I have observed and saw that possibilities of SPLM disintegrating into smaller and weaker factions, like what happens in Darfur, are at the verge of coming into reality," said Yusuf Hassan, a leader of Miri section in Nuba Mountains in Khartoum.

"My observations are that SPLM will be disintegrating if Salva Kiir, the leader of the Movement, is not careful to address sensitive issues at the earliest possible time based on popular understanding and compromises;" he stressed.

He further stated loyalists and real war veterans will be getting disciplined and suspended from the party indefinitely by the same comrades with influence from group of interest and families. "They will finish themselves one by one through disagreements and dismissals hence leaving SPLM susceptible to weakness," he adds.

I am saying this because SPLM chairman in the Southern Kordofan State, Abdal Aziz Adam Al-Hilu, fired chunks of long and committed SPLM members recently on allegations that they are becoming dishonest and serving interest of the NCP without verifying it.

The traditional leader who spoke to Sudan Tribune from his residence in Khartoum expressed concern that SPLM loyalists were being disciplined and suspended from the party ahead of upcoming elections.

However, Yusuf did not reveal which loyalists were being targeted and dismissed indefinitely from Nuba reiterating that there are signs suggesting possible disintegration of the SPLM if immediate actions with precautions are not taken.

According to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the people of the Nuba Mountains do not have the right for a self-determination referendum as it is the case for southern Sudan and Abyei. The popular consultation allows them just to express a point of view that Khartoum is not forced to implement.

Nuba resentment of the SPLM is building, as many feel the Movement has "betrayed" them. Also the appointment of Abdel Aziz Hilu, a Massalit’s son from West Darfur, as deputy governor by Salva Kiir last year had been seen by many as another betrayal from the SPLM leadership.

Yusuf called on the Sudanese particularly Southerners not to be vindictive and emotional. Leadership and fight for any freedom is never free and hastily. It takes time, people and resources, he said appealing to Southerners to remain united and focus on federalism rather than division of the country into south and north.

Sudan is our country as the name defines and so does not see the reason for division, he said asking "to whom it will be left?"

As people go to elections, there will be more people discrediting other people. Those people should be exposed to elections so that those who are not required can be defeated and those that are required can continue to lead not divide, Hassan said.


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