South Kordofan's Elections Partially Put off for Two Months

17 March 2010 (SVD)

The National  Elections Commission (NEC)   issued  last Monday Resolution No. 72 for 2010  per which it  partially postponed  elections in South Kordofan State, following an accord reached  between  the two peace partners, the National Congress Party(NCP) and The Sudanese Peoples' Liberation Movement(SPLM)

The delay in South Kordofan applies only to the elections for governor and to the local assembly, while the national presidency and   legislative elections will proceed in the State as scheduled,  on April 10.

The NEC said that the local executive and legislative elections will be conducted within 60 days after the national elections on April 10.

"The elections for governor and the local legislative assembly of South Kordofan are deferred by 60 days," NEC official Salah Habib, told reporters.

Commenting on the decision, the State Governor, Ahmed Haroun,  said the NEC decision to partially postpone the elections in the state came  in line with the need to maintain security political stability in the state. 

Parties to the Opposition Alliance in the state communicated to Haroun and his deputy, Abdelaziz Alhilu their rejection of the adjournment of elections, cautioning that conduction of partial elections  will mess up  political process in the area.


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