Southern Kordofan Will Not Participate in Parliamentary Elections

1 March 2010 (SRS)

Southern Kordofan state will only participate in the presidential elections and will not take part in the parliamentary elections, according to a state official.

Southern Kordofan, which strongly contested the 2008 census results and the geographical constituency demarcation had earlier announced that it will not participate in the April elections.

The SPLM secretary-general for Southern Kordofan, Arnu Longotolu, told SRS on Monday from Kadugli that the presidency decided to postpone the elections in the state.

[Arnu Longotolu]: “The decision of the presidency has delayed the elections of the legislators and the executive in Southern Kordofan state until a new census is conducted in Southern Kordofan. But the elections will take place before the end of the interim period. Secondly, an additional four seats have been awarded to Southern Kordofan at the national level to increase the number to twenty-one seats. We will participate of course in this election but only for the president of the republic and the nation assembly members.”

Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile will hold a popular consultation exercise at the end of the interim period.

The exercise will allow a parliamentary committee to make recommendations as to whether the CPA will be considered the final resolution of the conflict in the two states or whether negotiations will be re-opened with the Government of National Unity within the framework of the CPA.


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