South Kordafan's High Elections Committee: Constituencies abide by official census results

31 January 2010 (Miraya FM)

South Kordofan’s High Elections Committee has announced that official population census define the State’s geographical constituencies. Head of the State’s High Elections Committee, Adam Abdeen, told Miraya FM that the committee has no influence over this matter. 

South Kordanfan's ten constituencies at national level is stipulated by official census. Abdeen's clarification came after the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) questioned how constituencies are divided in the State and threatened to boycott April’s general elections in South Kordofan. 

Abdeen explained that the committee has no reason to aggrieve the people and wondered why the SPLM has accused the committee for not abiding by the official results.

South Kordofan's SPLM spokesman, Mohamadeen Ibrahim, has demanded a revision of the census and the subsequent amendments to the geographical constituencies.

He urged the National Elections Commission (NEC), the Presidency and the joint political committee between the National Congress Party (NCP) and SPLM to convene and resolve the matter. 

Ibrahim further threatened that the High Elections Committee in South Kordofan will be held responsible should insecurity occur in the State.

Earlier, Secretary General of the SPLM, Pagan Amoum, stated that 30% of parlimentary representation must be delegated to southerners. Amoun announced that this representative precentage is possible only if the 5th population census is strictly adhered to. 


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