NCP leader anticipates conflict over secession

Media Monitoring Report, June 8, 2009

NCP leading figure Al-Dirdiry Mohamed Ahmed who is also in charge of Abyei dossier has affirmed the likelihood of secession of southern Sudan, but warned that such step could plunge the two partners into a fierce border confrontation.

He anticipated explosion of the situation between the north and south if secession takes place. He said separation of the southern Sudan would create ethnic hatred and lead to collapse of the southern Sudan state.

Al-Dirdiry made the remarks yesterday at a symposium on unity and secession organized by Al-Akhbar newspaper. He said a powerful group within SPLM is pushing for separation to create a new country to avoid confrontation with the international community and imposition of sanctions over the ICC.

Meanwhile, SPLM DSG Yassir Arman described the issue of unity and separation as “dangerous”, saying the NCP does not believe in partnership.


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