Tribesmen kill government forces in Southern Kordofan

Media Monitoring Report, May 27, 2009
(Al-Rai Al-Aam, Reuters)

Police has revealed that members of the Central Reserve Forces sent to prevent clashes
between Rizeigat and Misseiriya in Shagaddi, Southern Kordofan State, were killed and injured
by some 3,000 Rizeigat tribesmen yesterday, reports Al-Rai Al-Aam.

Reuters further reports that scores of people were killed when 3,000 armed Arab tribesmen on
horseback attacked security forces in Meiram, Southern Kordofan, tribal sources and officials

Sudan's Interior Ministry said the security forces were attacked close to the town of Meiram
soon after arriving to try to prevent a fresh outbreak of fighting between warring Misseriya and
Rizeigat nomads.

"While our forces were making administrative and security arrangements (on Tuesday morning)
to prevent the parties from fighting, the Rizeigat started heavy firing and attacked," said the
ministry's statement.

"It is estimated the attackers were made up of 3,000 fighters on horseback and 35 vehicles."
One tribal source, who asked not to be named, said more than 100 tribesmen, security officers
and civilians may have been killed in Tuesday's clashes and other skirmishes between the
tribes in recent days.

It was impossible to verify the figures. The ministry statement said there had been deaths and
injuries among the security forces and civilians, but gave no figures and no reason for the

"They were armed to the teeth, both the Misseriya and the Rizeigat. There were heavy losses
on both sides over the past few days," said one senior member of the Misseriya tribe who asked
not to be named.

"There were also deaths among the police who were also caught up in it all."


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