3000 From Rizakat tribe Attack Police in South Kordofan

May 26, 2009 (SMC)

Police reserved force exposed to fire shooting by Rizagat tribe at Shadi area in southern Kordogfan.
The fire shooting happened yesterday and resulted in death and injury of some police elements and civilians in the area.

The background of the incident was that a police force ordered to go to the area to prevent possible clash said due to erupt between Rizagat and Missareiya.

At the time police force started to patrol the area 3000 elements on backs of horses supported by 25 cars attacked the police force causing live claims and injury amongst the force and civilians.

Statement issued by police head quarters in Khartoum highlights that minister of interior and police commissioner would leave to scene to see the situation on the ground.

The statement also said a committee formed chairs by high ranking officer to probe the incident.


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