Talafon Kuku Returns Khartoum, fails to meet Salva Kir

24 May, 2009 (SMC)

Prominent SPLM member in Nuba Mountains Gen Talafon Kuku decides to leave Juba in 24 hours for he has failed to meet FVP president Salva Kir.

It notes that Kuku was invited officially to meet with FVP in Juba. However Kuku accuses SPLM that it is not genuine. He said he was approached indirectly to accept positions but he refused the offer. He said he arrived in Juba searching solutions for disputed issues with the government of the south.

Kuku disputed with SPLM and criticizes the movement for ignorance of Nuba mountains area despite the fact that Nuab sons fought with SPLM in the south against the central government.


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