President Urges S. Kordofan Citizens Ignore Tribal Conflicts

May 20, 2009 (SMC)

President Omar Al Bashir is currently on a visit to Mujlad in southern Kordofan state urges citizens to ignore tribal conflicts.

The president however affirms his government pledge to provide basic services and establish sustainable development in the area as basic right. Al Bashir assures that objective of national salvation is to maintain justice and equality.

The president promises establishment of university colleges, internal roads and hospitals as top priority. Governor of state Ahmed Haroun said he would exert efforts to make south Kordofan an area of an attractive unity between north and south.

Representative of native administration in the area chief Mukhtar Babo Nimer announces in the name of western sector the nomination of President Al Bashir to stand for presidency during the upcoming elections. Nimer praises President Al Bashir for his supportive role of resolving Abyei area dispute.

He adds that all community sectors from youth up to woman support President Al Bashir against what so called international criminal court unfair resolution.

In the same development Abyei Commissioner Mohammed Al Dorak said citizens in Abyei reject ICC resolution and said citizens in the area know and consider president Bashir role of sharing burden with public in the area before taking over power in 1989.


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