Aggar calls on South Kordofan State to realize advancement in the fields of service and develpoment

May 15 (SUNA)

The Blue Nile State Wali (Governor) Lt. Gen. Malik Aggar has called on the new Governer of south Kordofan state to make breakthrough in the provision of services and development projects in the state.

Gen Aggar went on to say that that would not take place except through real partnership and a full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement provisions.

Addressing a mass rally of the citizens of Kadugli town on the occasion of receiving the new Governor Thursday, Aggar has urged all citizens in the state to work jointly for achieving the desired objectives, adding that this was not the responsibility of the governor and his deputy only but should be shoulddered by all and everybody in the State.

The Deputy Governor Abdul-Aziz Adam Al-Hilo, for his part, affimed full commitment with the partnership and its consolidation for the leverage of the state and its citizens, adding that they came to the state with a new spirit and agreed to work together in order to provide services soon, pointing out that their priorities was for security, political and social stability.


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