Haroun and Al Hilo Pledge to Terminate Dispute in S. Kordofan

14 May 2009 (SMC)

Governor of south Kordofan Ahmed Haroun and his deputy Abdel Aziz Adam Al Hilo have pledged to open a new chapter of cooperation aimed at consolidating partnership and terminates conflicts in the state.

Haroun who met with SPLM northern sector members in a meeting yesterday at movement office in Mogran, Khartoum, said his mission together with his deputy Al Hilo, in south Kordofan constitutes difficulties. However he affirms determination for reaching social reconciliation and implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

Haroun explains that he believes the partnership between the national congress and SPLM is not a competitive relationship. It is partnership for provision of service and establish of development projects for the people.

For his part Al Hilo expresses identical view with Haroun that they would work together to terminate dispute in the state, establish development projects and consolidate cooperation with other political parties in favor of aspirations of the indigenous in south Kordofan.


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