Education Suffers after Aid Agency Expulsions in South Kordofan

11 May 2009 (SRS)

The expulsion of humanitarian organizations from Sudan, has greatly affected the education sector in South Kordofan state.

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service last week in Kauda, the director of education in southern Kordofan, Abdulhamid Harun, said that studies have been suspended due to the expulsion of the aid organizations.

[Abdulhamid Harun]: “The expulsion of the organizations has greatly affected us, because we depend on them, since 2006. All the schools were being funded by the NGOs. The reason is that we don’t have any budget from the government since the signing of the CPA. So we are used to depending on these NGOs, 75 percent of funds came from them and 25 percent from the government.”

The Government of National Unity expelled 13 international aid organizations from Sudan in March after the ICC issued an arrest warrant against President al-Bashir.

Al Bashir accused the aid organizations of spying for the ICC.


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