Reshuffling is respons to appointment of Abdullziz al Hilu

by Lahmynda Kuku

10 May, 2009 (Nuba Mountains Homepage)

The reshuffling of ministers and governers by president Beshir is of threefold purpose.

First is to respond to a very decisive move by SPLM to bring Abdullaziz El hilu as a Deputy Governer of South Kordofan State. This is seen as a threat becuase obviously El hilu has got all the potential to suck in the people from kordofan come 2010 elections. Therefore Beshir has to cook his mind to set up his strategies in order to avoid humilliation from very vibrant and uncompromising people of South Kordofan State especially Nuba people who still believe victory is yet to come. Time will tell. And so he apointed Haroun, the very man who was directed to iron out Darfur so that it remains a desert of human skeletons. Haroun is a man of no moral vaule and deserves no recognition from the state. He is just going to act on any word given to him by his boss without digestion.

The second reason is that both men - that is El bashir and Haroun - are indicted by the ICC for this case, Birds of the same feather flow together: hence Haroun is offered this post of govership so as to moblize the people of the region to rally against the ICC. One thing we have to observe is that their own confession of guilt lies in this latest moves. Haroun was involved in expulsion of the NGOs together with his right man. Now he is just being rewarded for what he has achieved in terms of government's interests. In his capacity as agoverner, he can hunt a lot for sympathy within the state for himself and Bashir also. He will use the state resouces for campaining to clean up his political and socially deformed face. For sure he will succeed to some extend becuase people in the region have been deprived severely from all their rights, therefore most are left vulnerable to accept any offer. Some people may forego their stand, but this is going to be temporary if he tries that at all.

The third reason is to criminalise the state and country at large. Then the question is who are we now in the face of justice and the world. This is very ironical becuase as the national parliament is busy discussing the drafted laws, the criminals are being empowered. Is there use of laws any way ? Mr. Haroun is a naive man controlled by unknowledgable robots and he just depents on blind chances. Like his boss he uses fear as weapon against the people he is tasked to oppress and death to those who oppose him and his evil acts. Time will come when he will be forced to say "yes I did it" . And sorry will be too late. Tears will not make sense at that time.


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