On the defiance pledge of regular forces to the President of the Republic

The Oration of Director General of National Security and Intelligence Bureau

6 May 2009 (SVD)

At the opening of the oration, Mr. Director General of National Security and Intelligence Bureau recited verses from Surat AL-Fajr [that indicates the strength of Allah is over the disbelievers and tyranny and that Allah is monitoring them and knows all their intentions].

Praise be to Allah the Headmost who untied to a start and the Final without an end. The unique by His power … the Higher by His Majesty. Who neither direction could be tied to Him, nor an adjective is worthy for Him. No intellect or an eye reaches Him... the advent of beneficence. The indicator of His lasting by the evanescence of His creation… His power toiled otherwise Him, and nothing exceeds the limits of His power.
We praise Him for His endurance beyond His acquaintance, and for His forgiveness beyond His powerful, and peace be upon the master of His creation Prophet Mohamed – the honorable and the intercessor – and blessing be upon all his relatives and his companions.

Mr. President,
Brothers, March mates and people of strength …
I congratulate you where we are on this stance to address the coming generations through this historical chance, to trace our generation's behaviour for an era of the history of this nation, in which they marked a colorful page in the bandwagon of which sacrifice veracity is its pen, and youth's blood is its ink.

The march which was marked by a prolonged struggle between empowerment and undermining, between the right and the wrong, through which we have learned that (bloody) liberty has a door that is only knocked by bloodstained hands.

We have also learnt, Mr. President, that war is only stabled by patience,  it's polar is mockery, revolves around toil, its culture is watchfulness, and lead by carefulness; for all these there is a gain: patience's gain is sustainability; mockery's gain is winning; toil's gain is success; watchfulness' gain is blessing; carefulness' gain is safety. For each stance there is a saying; for every era there are men; and warring is continuous among people courage in war is more sound than fighting.

We are summoned here, Mr. President, acknowledging that for every thing there is a target, for every people a craft, known by them and for them, and they are war sons, its fuel commanders of soldiers and cavalries of battalions, masters of experiments and heroes of encounters.

We have come, Mr. President, to confirm and oblige to sacrifice ourselves when you ordered, and safeguarded your burden unto us… we have come to pact not to be defeated unless conquered, not to desert death obligation, and to utterly destroy ourselves for the sake of our esteem and pride.

Believing on the saying of the ancient poet:

Prevail justice by sword on guilty necks
If you come to an undermining residence – quit.
If a coward man banned you from a war –
Afraid of a large army,
Never obey him, never care of –
Face them at the van of the attackers,
And seek a dignified status,
Or die honorably under the horse-chestnuts.
Never undergo me into a disdained life –
Neither gives me honor drink of colocynth [secretion]
Disdained life is the same as Hell --
Yet Hell with honor is the best residence.

Mr. President, we are living in the racecourse at the jungle of the vicinity of doom, where values were deteriorated, consciousness were damaged, Right characteristics were abused, heavenly legislations were distorted and laws were altered. Nothing remained except a prejudice and angers outraging, but this is fate paradox and Allah never sustains the mockery of traitorous.

Those have strayed from us and did not understand the lesson and grasp that memoir; the memoir of this generation, of this nation which they didn't yet know.. a nation that all its leaders, princes, scholars, sentries, pastoralists, physicians, men and women voluntarily go to death for martyrdom.

In this jungle (the so-called New Global System) Mr. President, in which the principles are obsolete and was set away to prejudice, where good immortals fled, and no creeping heard except wolf roaring and dog barking pursuing our valuable principle: our creed and honor.

Those, Mr. President, have disappeared among the waves of past incidents in Darfur pursuing luck of vagueness, an ejection of fabricated accusations and a deal of meanness to dye it with sophism and cloud it by strength steel to reflect it in exhibitions of tyranny to mislead spectators.

All these did not puzzled us, rather we saved our characters as it is, neglecting their resolutions and sanctions, strongly believe that it is a result of injustice and targeting and no shade of righteousness on that; misfeasance to personal assault. They did not know you, Mr. President, you are the standing between Allah and his worshippers in Sudan, conducting the words of Allah to them, follow His directives and lead them accordingly. You're among them an ordinary person, valuing religious figures and poor; ever standing for rights and its magnate throughout religion and life, and Allah's protected persons in the Sudan land, His extended shadow over people,, through which the aggrieved is sustained by you, the heavy-handed suppressed and the frightened persons assured; a guard of justice and its lashing sword chastening to secure human life.

We have came, Mr. President, to honor you by the Sudan, and to honor the Sudan by your esteem .. and  to convey our message through pity angles to your fellow Al-Zubair Mohamed Saleh and Ibrahim Shams Elddin … that we didn't altered and never alter, sticking on the gleed.. Pushing on the firelock… that is the way and those are the fellows.

We have summoned, Mr. President, to convey to those, there is no more subjugation nor colonialism... no refuge... no interference in our internal affairs, these are what we are asking and had to preserve it … and to convey that our destiny is not a playing toy in their hands, nor it is a trial in the hands of criminals .. and to convey Al Hajjaj's saying: "Oh, people of duplicity and disunity inside and outside [the mosque] I swear by Allah if I see an incisor, nor winked; I have been selected [as a governor] because of cleverness and rigidity… that the Commander of the Faithful dispersed his quivers' sticks he found me the bitterest and solidest one that suits you .. He throws you by us to kill you as long as you stay in duplicity and prostrated in delusion. I swear we will tie you altogether as Salam [type of trees] sticks, and lash you as strange camels"... And what we are saying is for fulfillment.

This quiver in front of you now, Mr. President, are strong lions clawing, to protect your people and to distress your enemies, have a stretch bravery for those who lost the correct way, they experienced strictness and alert as if they are saying:

I encounter the battalion never mind --
Either among or otherwise I vanish.

Those, Mr. President, their fortresses are their horsebacks, land is their crib and the sky is their shelter, hang onto their convictions... they have a forbidden months, their land is the land of clemency, extended brotherhood and endowed amnesty … a generation from this nation and a pulsation of its heart, and swear by Allah and by Nationalism and its honor that if we are heading easily-led people drifting to what whoever president without neither understanding nor consciousness, as depicted by our enemies, we will not satisfied by such leadership.

Did you will, Amr Ibn Hind
To say we are precedent residents,
Did you will, Amr Ibn Hind
Consider us the vilest
Did you will, Amr Ibn Hind
Snitchers exile and contempt us.
Threat and slightly exile us
When did we your mother's cadgers
Our arrow toiled enemies –
Before, to never subject.
We have inherited the honor of Algama Ibn Saif
Who allows the honor fortress a conviction?
We ride horses with bloody sides –
To enemies [blood] reaching its abdomen. 
We have inherited them from faithful fathers,
And we will inherit them to our sons after death.
We're just when we are obeyed –
We're the unjust when disobeyed –
We're the barrier of betrayal –
We're the conquerors when approached –
We're the rulers of what we wish –
We're resident of where we would –
We're the negligent of what we hatred –
We're the capturers of what we want –
We're the hostlers on every slap –
Other hostlers afraid its death –
We drink the fresh water –
Yet others drink the chaotic muddy water.
If someone dare to ignorance over us –
Yet our ignorance exceeds his ignorance --
We attack even when not attacked –
Lash with sward all nearby --
Yet enemies consider that we --
Are languished and vanished --
Ours is the worldly existence and all that over it,
Strike [heavily] when we are competent.

Mr. President:
They wanted our life shredded, rioted and ruined… but Allah wants it victorious, honor and pride. So go ahead blessed by Allah (the speaker recited a Quranic verse indicating that no harm will touch a man unless destined by Allah, and that every Believer shall relay completely on Allah) sustained by Almighty Allah and the prayers of saint people, overshadowed by the blessings of this bold nation, overseen by His care and His ever slumber presence. Go ahead Mr. President wherever you inaugurate, reach whoever and chop whatsoever... take whatsoever amount from our money [property], that your taking is more admired than your abandonment, we swear repeatedly that we will never desert or disgrace you, we are truthful and patient on war and we ask Allah to show you what will gladdens you.

Allah says (the speaker recited a Quranic verse telling the story of the prophet Mohamed when he was in the cavern alone with his fellow (Abubaker) and he tell him "never mind, we are sustained by Allah) and Allah sustained them by tranquility and supported him by unseen [heaven] soldiers and thus Muslims are paten over disbelievers.

There is no God but Allah, and no overcome except Him. God is the greatest, and no honor except for Allah, His Prophet and the Believers.


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