Al Hilu: SPLM pledges to support Ex-Soldiers

6 May 2009 (SRS)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement says it is committed to supporting ex-soldiers, including the elderly and disabled, who served in the SPLA.

Speaking in Kauda, the deputy governor and SPLM chairman in southern Kordofan state, Abdul Aziz Adam al-Hilu, said that a committee will be formed to look into the plight of ex-soldiers.

[Adam al-Hilu]: “We will form a committee to review these issues in collaboration with comrades Jagod and Isaac Koko, so that we can find a solution. Also, there are going to be DDR people who will soon come to us, they will also help. They may take some people and give them facilities so that those who can farm can start farming and those who can keep livestock may do so.”

Al-Hilu said that the state government, with support from the disarmament demobilization and reintegration commission, will work to provide alternative livelihoods to the soldiers who are no longer active in the army.


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