Deputy Governor Calls for Unity in Nuba Mountains

Nuba Mountains
1 May 2009 (SRS)

The deputy governor of Southern Kordofan state is urging people in the state to unite and work towards the implementation of the CPA.

Abdul Aziz Adam al-Hilu was speaking during his tour to Nuba Mountains. Sudan Radio Service's reporter, Hussein Saad, sent this report.

[Hussein Saad]: “The deputy governor and the newly appointed SPLM chairman in Nuba Mountains, Lieutenant Abdul Aziz Adam al-Hilu arrived in the town of Kauda in the Nuba Mountains. He addressed the large crowd that had gathered and asked the people of Nuba Mountains to fight discrimination, tribalism and nepotism. He said that as sons of the Nuba Mountains, the Arabs, Fallata and Messiriya, we have to work together for the development of the state. He also urged all the people of the state to work together to ensure that the CPA is fully implemented especially the security arrangements, civil service and the other areas where CPA hasn’t been implemented.”

Hussein Saad was reporting from Kauda, in the Nuba Mountains.


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