The Appointment of Al Hilu as a Deputy Governor is less than what they Have Expected

By: Nasr Addeen Ghatas

23 April 2009 (Sudan Vision)

Even during the time when John Garang was still alive and the SPLM members were fighting together without titles or positions in the bush of the south, things were not going smoothly inside the Movement.

At that time, the Nuba sons were complaining from the bad treatment they were finding from the Dinka, to the level that about 100 officers from the Nuba signed a grievance memo and delivered it to John Garang saying that, they will not bear such injustice forever.  

On the government side, Nuba sons were having very important positions as ministers, state ministers, governors and senior officers in the army. The government was insisting on the policy of appointing the sons of the same state as governors and a senior judge from the Nuba sons was appointed as a Governor of South Kordofan State.
Before signing the CPA, the members of the SPLM were overemphasizing to the supporters of the Government by saying that the Nuba sons were going to have a greater representation in the coming Government. But really, the share of the Nuba sons after the CPA is disappointing.

And now all the reflections of the appointment of Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu as the SPLM chairman and the deputy governor of south Kordofan state are proving the little share of the Nuba in the power. The majority of the Nuba people even those who are in the Diaspora rejected this appointment saying that, Al Hilu is not originally from Nuba hills and that he is very weak. Moreover, the senior officers of the SPLM are likely to oppose this decision.
The way of appointing Al Hilu and dismissing of Daniel Kodi is showing the permeability of the communist elements inside the SPLM. It's clear that Ramadan Hassan from the Nuba Hills sector and Malik Agar from the liberation council were behind this amendment.
Definitely, this appointment will lead to instability and the regeneration of the conflicts between the two ruling partners in the state which is witnessing a heated competition between the historic leaders of the SPLM in the Nuba Hills such as Kodi, Galab, Al Hilu and Telefone Kuku.


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