Government Advocate: Commitment to Abyei ruling 'premature'

22 April, 2009 (Miraya FM)

The Sudanese Government's Advocate at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Ahmed Salouha, has said that it's early to talk about the commitment of the disputing parties, the NCP and the SPLM, to the court's final ruling.

He added that the government's delegation presented all the necessary documents which prove the area belonged administratively to South Kordofan Province in the year 1905.

Earlier the Court has listened to testimonies of for the Government's side; which were given by the witnesses; Zacariah Atem, Majak Matep Ayom, Ayom Matep Ayom and Majid Yak Kur.

The Sudan Government's Advocate, Professor Crawford, present his argument to the court, supported by the witnesses' testimonies.

Meanwhile, SPLM's Advocates countered government's witnesses with objections.

The court will conclude the final hearings on Abyei on Thursday.



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