Congratulation for All Nuba people

17 April 2009

Dear Nuba brothers,

Let us thank God for the good work is doing for us and God really loves Nuba people.Actaully I wanted to tell you that the coming of Al-Hilu is the beginning of our blessings from God.

Congratulation for all Nuba and for the coming of Abduliziz, please let us  receive Al-Hilu and cooperate with him to bring peace, justice and development to our people and forget about  the evil minds against him.

Abduliziz is our own brother, our own father who fought with us in the movement for the liberation for the all Sudanese not only for the Nuba. Why are you always against your brothers to lead us? You want Arabs to lead you and they normally do nothing to us, they only think of marginalizing us and destroying over us.


A lot of love

John Chotigo

Nuba son   


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