Why The Nuba Dreams Came True?
Al-Hilu is Hilu (sweet) “Congratulation for All.”

By Mohamed Mougadam Tutu


“Without gossiping, guessing and even murmuring on Nuba Mountains' future, please shut up just for a while”.

Of course it's a fact  that ' the right person for the right position/place' is one of the significant rules in management science.  Who among us Nuba people can deny the above fact? Who among us, whether he or she has been fighting in the bush or struggling in the cities, can deny Al–Hilu’s contribution? Who among us does not believe in the right of our nephew in the Act of the Will? (Nuba’s customary law.) If not, then what is our reward for our nephew, who spent most of his life in fighting with us and for us?

I think just looking at all the evidence on the ground since 2005 up to the time of Abdel Aziz‘s appointment would be enough to beat any argument of those who are against the latest perfect decision. Therefore I am deeply proud to send these congratulations to: 

1.  Nuba mountains people for keeping their patience and stick with peace rather than war
2.  Nuba Mountains SPLM’s Libration Council for taking the hard decision in a hard time
3.  Finally my warm regards to the Commander Al-Hilu for accepting the challenge

Nuba Mountains Cultural Society of Victoria.
Melbourne / Australia 



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