SPLM’s Al-Hilu sworn in as deputy governor of South Kordofan

14 April 2009 (ST)

Abdel Aziz Adam Al-Hilu today was sworn in as the new deputy governor of South Darfur state before the Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir.

Al-Hilu replaces Daniel Kodi, who had been removed by his party for failure to manage his political and executive duties. He also had been accused of violating the SPLM constitution.

The new deputy governor who a member of the political bureau of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) vowed today to work in order to ensure security and to promote peaceful coexistence in the region.

He also pledged to work for the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the economic development of South Kordofan.

The Nuba Mountains lie in one of Sudan’s special "transitional" areas, identified under the 2005 deal. Although currently administratively part of northern Sudan the region was promised greater autonomy under the peace deal. The Nuba tribes had joined the SPLM during the civil war citing marginalization by Khartoum government.

Al Hilu,who is originaly from the Massalit tribe in Darfur, faces huge challenges in the region. Some Nuba contest his representation for their region; but also he has to reconcile divided SPLM section in the state. Further he has to restore confidence between his party and the National Congress Party (NCP) there.

The former deputy governor was accused of neglecting the reappointment of the former state finance minister (SPLM) who had been sacked from his position by the governor (NCP), after the failure of a joint political committee to resolve the differences during a series of meeting held last year.


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