Expulsion of NGOs Causes Humanitarian Crisis in South Kordofan

South Kordofan
March 17, 2009 (SRS)

The expulsion of foreign non-governmental organizations by the Government of National Unity is causing a humanitarian crisis in South Kordofan state.

That statement from the deputy speaker of South Kordofan state parliament, Siddiq Mansour.

Mansour told Sudan Radio Service by phone from Kadugli that the SPLM was not consulted on the expulsion of the NGOs.

[Siddiq Mansour]: “The expulsion of the NGOs for us is a crisis, these are big projects, building schools and supporting it, building hospitals and supplying medicine, drilling bore holes, all these are being done by the NGOs. Expelling them means that all these activities will collapse.

This decision came out of frustration and from the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Ahmed Haroun. It is not a presidential decision as people are saying, because the SPLM chairman and the Vice-President were not consulted. This is wrong and we refuse it. This decision is like a punishment to Darfur and the citizens of Sudan.”

Following the arrest warrant issued against President al-Bashir by the ICC, the Government of National Unity expelled 13 international humanitarian organizations from Sudan.

The government accused the NGOs of providing information to the International Criminal Court.


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