Daniel Kodi's dismissal is an embarrassment to the SPLM/A leaders

by 'Wasaka Babun'

5 March 2009

Nuba mountains is one of the areas badly affected by civil war. When a cease fire agreement was signed in 2002, and again, following  the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement sign in 2005, a number of things were promised to the Nuba population, stated explicitely in the agreements and expressed by the SPLM leaders as well. However, since then things have gone in a different direction .

If you ask many ordinary civilians about their situation today, they will tell you things were better before the war, and even during war time. The SPLM leaders have failed to provide any basic services the civilians like education; health care; clean drinking water; and shelter for those who were displaced during the war.

I said it is an embarrassment to the SPLM leaders because when the first transitional Government was formed in 2006, Ismael khamis Jalab became the Governor South Kordufan. Khamis failed to deliver any services to the community. Failing politically, military and diplomatically, Khamis became known as a drinker and a womanizer. And when the 18 months of his Governorship were over, all stood firm and confronted him to step down.

The old man Daniel Kodi had been critizing Khamis for not performing his duties effectively and people supported him and elected him to replace Khamis as deputy Governor of South Kordofan and as chairman of the SPLM/A in the state. Stupidly enough the old man became worse than Khamis. He promised that he would change the life of the people but he did nothing and he will do nothing.

Kodi even turned against other SPLM/A leaders like the state Minister of Finance, Dr Ahmed Saeed, who was dismissed by the Governor (NCP). This is his own minister and his comrade but he never supported him, even when the SPLM/A Liberation Council tried its best asking his support as the chairperson. But the old man did nothing at all. Much to his shame he even became acting Finance Minister. What kind of greedy leader is this?

The integration of the civil services has not yet taken place and things are just messed up in South Kordofan. One Million citizens are still living in poverty. We want our leaders to improve the education system; health; and many othert services to the community. We want a leader who can listen to the people who elected him  and do something for them. Like Abdulaziz Adam el-Hilu. He is a good leader, a true liberator who fought against the marginalization of his people and stood in the front lines during the tough times. El-Hilu is well loved by the people - see the crowd that gathered to welcome him when he visited kauda last april 2008.


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