What is SPLM up to in South Kurdofan?

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posted by Amat Allah
22 Februari 2009

It is not a short time ago since South Kurdofan State has been living under tension with the Government of National Unity (GoNU) formed after the signature of the CPA in accordance to the CPA power sharing protocol.

But now things have developed tremendously but this time within the SPLM and the GoNU is not part of it.
The SPLM Regional Council in South Kurdofan State decided in an emergency meeting held recently to remove the Deputy Governor of the State Major General Daniel Kodi from the chairmanship of the party in the region.

The background of the decision is the inner conflict over the method of dealing with the issues between the two partners. General Kodi is well acquainted with the problems between the two partners and did his best to remove any obstacles that might hinder the implementation of the CPA.

He managed to reach an accord between the SPLM and the NCP to resolve the differences between the two partners through which the ex-minister of finance in the State, who is an SPLM member, has been removed.
The SPLM Regional Council in the State insisted that the minister should not be removed, so they decided to remove the SPLM Chairman who is at the same time the Deputy Governor which he may also lose because the same SPLM appointed him for that post.

The SPLM Regional Liberation Council, which is SPLM highest office in the State, issued some time ago a resolution to dissolve the partnership with the NCP within one month if the pending issues concerning South Kurdofan Protocol are not tackled.

The question that poses itself is didn't the SPLM liberation council know that the partnership is an article of the CPA and that it has become part of the constitution which means that it could not be dissolved by a State's party organization because it is part of the constitutional arrangements?

The situation needs urgent interference from SPLM highest leadership especially the intervention of Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit the President of SPLM. The leadership should quickly treat this internal tension to avoid its transformation into a greater security threat in an area which is still living the old conflicts.

Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit proposed to visit the areas and now this is the time to execute that programme of visit at once to ensure the speedy solution to the problem on the ground to avoid further negative developments.

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