South Kordofan Incidents Happen in Limited Scale/ Haroun

17 February, 2009 (smc)

Minister of state for humanitarian affairs and member of joint political committee (between the government and SPLM) Ahmed Haroun reveals allocation of US$ 1 billion against the Chinese loan for construction of roads in south Kordofan.

He said before security and defense commission members of national assembly yesterday that vice president Ali Osman Mohammed Taha would sign contracts this month to start constructing of al Dibabt Abuzabad Kadogli Talodi Kawda road.

In the same development the minister explains that the sub-committee headed by Malik Agar is carrying out its function and finished integrating of SPLM police elements in federal police forces. Haround said about 1500 elements remained and would be trained at different training centers.

The minister acknowledges that south Kordofan enjoys the lion share of development. Nevertheless he said the insecurity incidents in south Kordofan are just sort of frictions happened in limited scale.


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