Clashes break out between the IDPs and Baggara

February 11, 2009 (NSV)

On Tuesday Feb.10 violence broke out between south Sudanese displaced persons and the Misseriya in Mafura near Abuzabad in Kordofan. At 3pm during market day in Mafura, IDPs and local host community from Misseriya fought fiercely in the market. Sources in the area revealed that four people are confirmed dead.

"An IDP who was hired by a local trader demanded for his dues but was met by beating and humiliation," an eyewitness said from undisclosed location in the vicinity of Mafura. It was later confirmed that the man was enraged and retaliated too with force.

"Our people are being rounded up by the locals at the police station," said Deng Kon, one of the youth affected from the village. There are only few poorly armed policemen in the village.

Mafura has for the last ten years been a trouble spot for the two communities of Misseriya and IDPs. Several deaths of the IDPs occurred there due to constant attacks perpetuated against them.

The village of Mafura, though nearer to Abuzabad and El-Obeid, it is administratively attached to Legawa, south Kordofan. ‘We tried to tell the police to rescue the IDPs in Mafura but they told us nothing’, said Wol Atak, a farmer in Sunut, a neighbouring village.


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