Some South Kordofan Groups Are Attempting to Re-enlist the Demobilized, Sulaf

13 January 2009 (SVD)

North Sudan DDR Commissioner, Dr. Sulaf Aldin Salih, accused some groups of attempting to re-enlist elements in South Kordofan who are under the process of being demobilized and reintegrated.

Sulaf pointed out in an interview released by the Al Sahafa daily that those parties are luring the targeted elements with military ranks and money, indicating that the re-conscription move both impedes implementation of the DDR program and breaches the CPA provisions.

He went on to indicate that the Commission has not so far detected any criminal or immoral act committed by the demobilized cadres, disclosing that the Commission has registered 13,000 persons demobilized by the armed and popular defense forces as a first batch.

Dr. Sulaf meanwhile revealed an ongoing technical dispute between the UN and donors over the demobilized persons and said that after formation of joint offices between north and south another batch of SPLA soldiers will be demobilized.

He denied both the reports on purchase of arms from the demobilized persons and UNICEF allegation on the recruitment of child soldiers, noting that the bulk of child soldiers are present in South Sudan.


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