Darfur JEM and Kordofan KAD agree to conjugate efforts vs Khartoum

January 1, 2008 (ST)

Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and a Kordofanese political group, Kordofan Association Movement (KAD) agreed to put together their efforts to topple the Sudanese government.

In a joint statement released today the two movement said they agreed to "unify their military activities as of now and at all levels." They also called on the other opposition movements to join them in order to form a government in exile.

"JEM and KAD thus invites all movements of the marginalised areas and national activists to come together and form a National Redemption Government of Sudan in exile with the objective of filling up any political vacuum in the country."

KAD is a kodofanese movement formed in Belgium in April 2006 to plaid for the rights of development of this central Sudan province which lies between Darfur on the west and the valley of the White Nile River on the east.

Since its inception KAD adopted a supportive position to "all liberation and freedom movements in Sudan."

During 2007, the Sudanese government quickly quelled a nascent rebel group and killed its leader in Kordofan called Shahama Movement. JEM was accused of backing the group.

The two groups said they are willing to coordinate with "all political movements and independent national personalities in the Sudan and abroad and who believe in fair division of wealth and power in the country. "


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