Rise of partners' differences in south Kordofan

30 December 2008 (Miraya FM)

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement confirmed that it holds the National Congress Party responsible for the situation in south Kordofan after the rising disputes between both parties in the state. The SPLM threatens to dissolve the partnership.

The SPLM official Spokesperson, Yien Matthew, told Miraya Fm that the implementation of South Kordofan Protocol is very slow due to what he described as repeated disruption by the NCP to the Peace Agreement.

He further explained that the decision to sack the state minister of finance is baseless demanding the NCP in the state to respect the decision of the Joint Executive Commission.

The SPLM office in South Kordofan had given the presidency a period of one month so as to reinstate the minister of finance, who has been sacked by the governor of the state.

The SPLM threatens to dissolve the partnership if its demands are not answered.

Miraya could not get comments from the NCP on the disputes between the two parties in South Kordofan.


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