SPLM demands reinstatement of sacked Minister

Media Monitoring Report, December 28, 2008
(various sources)

Akhbar Al Youm reports SPLM called on the Presidency to reinstate the southern Kordofan Finance Minister who was dismissed by the Governor within a period not later than a month if SPLM-NCP partnership is to continue.

Southern Kordofan SPLM Secretary Arno Angelo told a press conference yesterday in Kadugli that all options are open if the demand is not met.

He said continuation of the partnership depends on reinstatement of the Finance Minister and the executive directors who were sacked by the Governor. He has called for the immediate withdrawal of forces outside the security zone and criticized the military buildup on the part of the government.

He also called on UNMIS Southern Kordofan to observe complete neutrality, monitor the security situation and make facts available to the world. He said upcoming elections in the area depend on implementation of the voluntary returns programme to ensure democratic transformation.

He said SPLM submitted memo of protests to UN and NCP to turn their attention to the excessive military presence in the area but no action was taken. He said he would send another memo to the Presidency and the UN Mission.

According to Al-Ahdath, the SPLM Secretary said the NCP’s claim of JEM presence in Southern Kordofan is “a lie and a trick” to justify military buildup. He said SPLM possess documents proving SAF involvement in arming tribes in the area as well as withdrawing its personnel from the JIU.

He said the CPA is not being implemented and the situation in the area is at its worst.

He said the SPLM position is that the census exercise in the area should be repeated before elections are held.


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