Meeting of the SPLM Leadership

Final Declaration

We, the Political, Military, Legislative and Executive leaders of SPLM met in the Jaw Military Zone for four days, from 19 to 22 December  2008. Dr. Anne Etto, Deputy Secretary of SPLM Southern Sector, honored the meeting with his presence, reaffirming the solidarity of SPLM with the cause of the people of Southern Kordofan.

The meeting confirmed the following:

- Unity of SPLM-Southern Kordofan and its military and political leadership.
- Adherence to the implementation of the CPA and particularly the Southern Kordofan/Nuba Mountains protocol.
- Commitment to the democratic transformation, including the elections.

After long deliberations on the implementation of Southern Kordofan/Nuba Mountains Protocol that focused on power; wealth sharing; and the security arrangements, the discussions concluded the following:

- There is a lack of political will by the NCP to implement the agreement.
- The NCP attempts to escape from the agreement, as has been reflected by the NCP unwillingness to consult with SPLM about decisions related to the agreement.
- The partner in the State Government of National Unity is being neglected, as shown by the attitude of the Governor issuing decrees that violate the State Constitution and appointing staff for the executive body without consultations with SPLM.
- There is a lack of cooperation and coordination in issuing decrees that are necessary for the implementation of the agreement.
- A critical security situation is being created by arming tribes and clans in addition to reinforcement and redeployment of SAF, militias, Popular Police and PDF forces throughout the State, giving a sense of going back to war.
- The Governor has violated decrees issued by the State Legislative Council pertaining to the responsibilities of the State Ministry of Finance to administer public funds and two projects of microfinance and popular housing.
- Spontaneous return is being obstructed.
- The correct procedures for the census were not followed
- UNMIS has a weak and negative role of in Southern Kordofan, it lacks neutrality and is cooperating with one side only.

Based on these conclusions we would like to affirm the following:

1. We condemn the military reinforcement and redeployment of SAF, and consequently we demand their immediate withdrawal in compliance with the security arrangements.
2. We condemn the decrees issued without consultations with SPLM.
3. The continuity of our partnership in the State Government of National Unity is closely linked to reinstatement of the dismissed Minister of Finance and the Executive Managers, as well as addressing other violations.
4. The complete implementation of the CPA are prerequisites for the conduct of elections, especially the security arrangements, addressing the issue of the State census, as well as the issue of spontaneous returns.
5. We appeal to UNMIS to undertake its role with seriousness and neutrality.
6. We want to affirm that there could be other decisions that will be taken in due time.

Finally we call upon all tribes and clans that have been supplied with weapons by our partner to take their historic responsibility and to abandon the policy of divide and rule implemented by our partner that is affecting the unity and stability of the people of the State. Also, we call upon the supporters of SPLM and the honorable people to take all necessary measures against the NCP conspiracy, which is putting the whole State on top of a volcano.

Long live the struggle of SPLM supporters and the marginalized people.

Glory and eternity for our martyrs

The struggle continues

Jaw Military Zone
22 December 2008.


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