Al Bashir promises to approve Abyei Administration's budget

December 7, 2008 (Miraya FM)

The Chairman of the Interim Abyei Administration Arop Moyak confirmed that the President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir promised to approve the budget proposed by the administration in the coming days.

Moyak told Miraya FM that the approval of the proposed budget will contribute to provision of basic services to the citizens, pointing out that the recent reconciliation conference between the Dinka Ngok and the Misseriya in Abyei had focused on preventing any forms of conflicts between the two tribes especially during seasonal migration of pastoralists from the north to the south.

It stressed out that herdsmen should not carry weapons during this period.

The conference's final recommendations called on the Government of National Unity to facilitate the return of the displaced to their respective villages, requesting Misseriya tribe to stick to old pastoralists' routes.

It also urged the media to cease portraying negative messages that cause disagreements and conflict between the two tribes, and recommended the formation of a joint committee between the two tribes in preparation for an upcoming conference including all tribes from the regional areas.


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