An insult to Nuba and Funj

South Sudan Nation
Letters to the Editor

What a damaging article, Mr. Okuk, it showed a great disrespect for the people of the Nuba Mountains and the people of Blue Nile. You know that your wake up for South Sudan without regards to other marginalized peoples of the Sudan is too late and weak.

Of course South Sudan has a right to separate but not to the extent of insulting other people's efforts in the war. They've done more in achieving the CPA than many visionless cowardly communities of South Sudan have contributed-- like your own community, Mr. Okuk. Don't tell me the likes of Oyai and Pagan are enough to say that the whole community contributed.

Despite your weak position, people like me will still stand with Nubians and Funj whether South separates or not. After all what did your likes and others do to make it succeed?

Makino, Australia


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