The Lovers of Nuba from the South got it Wrong

South Sudan Nation
James Okuk

Dear lovers of Nuba from the South, please if you want to hide your head in the sand when many Southerners are pushing with optimistic determination for their independence, you better keep it there for yourself because you may spoil the broth of Self-determination through stupid sympathy and past imprisonment of your delusive New Sudan mentality of unity of the marginalized blacks in the Sudan. Good relations of Southerners with the neighboring marginalized people (in the past, at present and in the future) should not be pursued in the expense of South Sudan Independence.

Southerners do not need coalitions with Nuba and Funj to achieve their independence in 2011 because these black people of transitional areas will not be needed in the ballot boxes of referendum for Self-determination by the people of Southern Sudan in three years-time from now. By now Southerners need themselves more than ever  for them to achieve their long-awaited struggle for dignity.

For the sake of logical and visionary politics, why should Southerners seek coalitions with people who are anti-separation of South Sudan at this moment? Read this quotation from a Nuba politician and judge me wrong in my caution not to mix the case of Nuba Mountains and Ingessina Hills with that of Independence of South Sudan: "CPA betrayed Black marginalized people. Our people in Nuba Mountains have suffered a lot during the war together with their Black brothers from the South. SPLM must use common sense about these people, because Sudan means the land of Black people. The bad image/representation was made during the protocol for independence of Southern Sudan; it’d have been independence for New Sudan which includes other geographical areas of Black marginalized people of Sudan."

If Nuba and other marginalized black communities of the Sudan see the CPA and the clause of Self-determination in it as a betrayal, then it is a pity for any patriotic Southerner to sympathize with them at this moment of crossing the Cross Road to Secession and Independence of beloved land, people and government of South Sudan.

I remember an article I wrote last year about how the proposal by H.E. Cde. Malik Aggar of Confederation in the Sudan is a betrayal to Self-determination of Southern Sudan and I still urge you to re-read it. It is important for Southerners to know themselves and also know what the others say about their case for independence.

Southerners should not sympathize with people who are against the dignity of the South awaited from the desired independence even if these comrades are black in colour or marginalized in socio-economic status by the demagogues in Khartoum.

James Okuk, PhD Student, University of Nairobi


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