Abyei Area Arbitration Panel holds first meeting; Lino warns for Kordofan and Abyei

Media Monitoring Report, November 25, 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam/Al-Ahdath)

The Abyei Area Arbitration Panel convened yesterday in The Hague. The meeting agreed that the two partners would simultaneously submit afirst memorandum on 13 December, including all points of dispute referred for arbitration.

Meanwhile, SPLM official Edward Lino told a symposium in Egypt of efforts to convene ameeting of Darfur movements in Jubato unify their negotiating position. He said if Darfur crisis is not addressed within six months, Kordofan would follow.

Lino also warned that the situation in Abyei might explode when the Messeriya begin moving southwards. He said that the SPLA would not allow them to carry arms on southern territory. He also pointed to the likelihood of another crisis between the two partners over oil revenues and said elections are likely to be postponed.

Should Southern Sudan secedes, he said, the fate of the Nuba Mountains and the Angessana (Southern Blue Nile) would be ascertained by the two areas’ Parliaments.


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