Sudan and China Agreed to Join Efforts for Release of Chinese Oil Workers

October 21, 2008 (SUNA)

Sudan and China have agreed to exert joint and intensive efforts to deal with the issue of the kidnapped Chinese workers operating at the oil production areas in south Kordofan to guarantee their release. The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Karti, Monday met with the Ambassador of China to Sudan and discussed on the issue of the kidnapped Chinese oil workers.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ali Al-Saddiq, said in a statement that Sudan and China, through the Embassy of China to Sudan, are coordinating efforts for the release of the kidnapped Chinese oil workers and to guarantee their safety.

He said that the kidnapped incident was committed because the Chinese workers are working for the interest of Sudan and contributing to its development, but not because they have relation with any internal differences in Sudan. Ambassador Al-Saddiq said that the Justice and Equality Movement is accused of committing the kidnapping incident.

The Ambassador of China said that he deliberated with the minister on the kidnapping of the nine Chinese oil workers and agreed to exert joint efforts for their release. He expressed his confidence that Sudan government will exert every effort for the release of the Chinese oil workers, adding that his embassy will cooperate with the government in this regard.

The Chinese Ambassador said that the embassy have no details about the incident or direct contact with the kidnappers. He said that the relations between Sudan and China will continue to progress, saying that the Chinese people hopes that Sudanese people will live in unity and stability. Meanwhile, Ambassador Al-Saddiq announced that the special envoy of China to Sudan would visit Sudan in the coming days in the context of his mission.


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