Abyei Area Administration chiefs appointed

Media Monitoring Report, October 7, 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam)

President Omer Bashir has issued a decree appointing heads of the Abyei Area Administrations. The heads of the administrative units are: Abom M. Abom Korit, Juwak G. Init, Deng A. Deng, Kuol Arok Kuol and Madin A. Kuom.

The President also issued another decree appointing members of the Abyei Area Executive Council: Aleik Maniel, Malik Abom Ajank, Ashai Deng Abel, Adon Nyol Kloth, Acuil Majak Kock, Asri Kabashi, Acok A. Atem, Bal Manial, Zakaria Atem Yen, Yei Atem Kuol, Galwal Deng, Kabashi Altom Kabashi, Makock Gokac, Majack Manis Abom, Mekki H. Sulaiman, Musa Mogabi Habeeb, Maria Grain, Ban A. Ajak, Akol Arko, Jarlis Dok.

Messeriya leader, Musa Hamadain, said these appointed members were unacceptablebecause the Messeriya are not fairly represented, adding they will submit a memo of protest to the Presidency.


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