Sudan minister of cabinet affairs Pagan Amum resigns ‘in two weeks’ from GNU

by Mading Ngor

August 6, 2008 (NSV)

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs in GNU and SPLM Secretary General, Mr Pagan Amum said to The New Sudan Vision last week he was resigning in “two weeks.”

He was speaking when asked about reports that the presidency had cancelled investigations into his statement that Sudan was a “failed and corrupt state.”

The SPLM leader’s observation triggered the ire of the National Congress. Presidential adviser to Sudan’s Bashir, Nafie Ali Nafie hit back immediately at Pagan‘s label. "The problem of Pagan and the triangle of secularism within the SPM is that they feel disappointed and miserable because the NCP is able to overcome their shrewdness and cunningness and even come out stronger,” according to statements published by the online Sudan Tribune.

Mr. Amum, on the other hand said the strong reaction from Khartoum, which went as far as forming a commission to investigate him was an attempt by the regime to curtail freedom of speech. He said the NCP led government violates its own constitution and said he would not serve in such a government, or, he would be working against them.

“Those who are calling for my resignation are people who are afraid of democracy and they are people who want to take Sudan back to totalitarianism and dictatorship. Definitely, I cannot work with them; I would be working against them,” Amum said.

However, last week Mr. Amum grudgingly confirmed to he would quit his position in the Government of National Unity and focus more on the SPLM. Mr. Amum may now get a dignified exit, as he leaves GNU almost willingly without pressure.

He is currently in Juba.


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