NCP and SPLM warn of potential insurgency in the Nuba Mountain

Media Monitoring Report, August 5, 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam)

NCP and SPLM at a meeting intended to discuss removal of obstacle impeding CPA implementation in Southern Kordofan and the Blue Nile warned of potential rebellion in the Nuba Mountains.

They pledged to work together to address insecurity and any potential insurgencyin the area. They criticized performance of the DDR in the north and south Sudan.

Presidency Affairs Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh said 1500 of SPLA elements have been integrated into the police and emphasized the need to integrate the remaining number estimated at 1500 soldiers.

There was agreement between the two partners on the status of the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) and the People’s Police (PP). SPLA agreed that PDF and PP could be maintained provided they should be under SAF and Police.

SPLA deputy Chairman Malik Agar speaking at a rally in Kauda has accused what he described as “warmongers” in the north and south of seeking to make mischief between SPLM and NCP. “They are coward,” he said.

NCP leader Al-Dirdiri at symposium at Kadugli said relations between NCP and SPLM are at “their best” despite some difficulties.


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