NCP officials say final settlement on Abyei will be within 48 hours

Media Monitoring Report, June 5, 2008
(Al Ray Alaam, Alsahafa, Akhbaralyoum,Alsudani)

As the UN SC delegation announced that the NCP and the SPLM decided to resort to international arbitration to rule on the future of the disputed area of Abyei between the two parties, the joint executive committee of the two sides notified the delegation that the two partners reached an agreement providing for calming the situation in the area, reported Al Ray Alaam on Thursday.

A reliable source told the paper that the option of arbitration was chosen among four others, saying that the other options were to summon the experts to defend their report on Abyei boundaries, set up a transitional administration and appeal to the constitutional court.

Earlier, NCP leading member Aldirdiri Mohamed Ahmed told reporters, following the meeting with the delegation, that Abyei committee submitted a joint paper to the delegation on the progress of the implementation of the CPA, adding that the delegation hailed the progress on the CPA implementation.

Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, has briefed the visiting Security Council members on the situation in Sudan and the efforts of GoNU for reaching peace in Darfur and implementing the CPA.

Alsudani quoted Sudan Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdul-Mahmoud Abdul-Halim, as saying that the President’s Assistant Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie responded to questions and queries of the Security Council members on the implementation of the Hybrid Operation and the CPA as well as the situation in Abyei.

Dr. Nafie underscored the importance of the African nature of the troops of the Hybrid Operation, describing as claims of Sudan hampering of the operation as“unfouded”.

He assured that Sudan fulfilled its commitments concerning the implementation of the Hybrid Operation, affirming the government adherence to the peace process in Darfur.

Dr. Nafie informed the Security Council delegation that such aggression on Omdurman by JEM proved that it was adopting agenda that have nothing to do with Darfur issue, but aiming at seizing power.

He. Nafie affirmed the government full support to the humanitarian operation and its commitment to the implementation of the humanitarian agreement signed with the UN on March 28, 2007.

Foreign Minister Deng Alor denied that the government was the only party to blame for the delay in the hybrid force deployment.

Alore said the international community should honor its commitment vis-à-vis the deployment of the force but it failed to do so up to now.

He admitted that the government has had obligations, saying that there were also commitments and measures to be done by the international community to deploy the hybrid operation in Darfur.

Britain Ambassador to SC said that the talks with government officials dealt with the government’s efforts to solve Abyei crisis and the implementation of the CPA, adding maintaining that the implementation process was not progressing as it had been decided.

He pointed out to the state of frustration in the South, which, he noted, resulted in the awful incidents took place two weeks ago in Abyei.

South Africa’ Envoy to the SC expressed the SC’s willingness to exert “every effort” to preserve the CPA, stressing the council’s encouragement to both sides in a bid to activate Abyei’s mechanism.


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