CPC arrives at decisions to resolve Abyei crisis

Media Monitoring Report, May 28, 2008
(Ray Al-Shaab)

The Ceasefire Political Commission (CPC) held an extraordinary meeting yesterday in response to SRSG Ashraf Qazi’s request.

The CPC arrived at several decisions with regard to Abyei crisis: It directed CJMC to investigate incidents in the Area, asked for the establishment of a JIUs battalion comprising of those did not take part in incidents in Abyei to keep peace and normalize situations. It also urged withdrawal of SAF and SPLA outside the town as well as the expeditious return of IDPs to Abyei and UN and Agencies should provide assistances to them. It and urged Presidency to expedite demarcation of boundaries of the area.

Co-chair Paul Mayom said the meeting also listened to a report by SRSG Ashraf Qazi and another report from the CJMC. He said ceasefire agreement was reached to allow investigation and measures should be taken against the personnel involved in the incidents.

Co-chair Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed said the CPC reaffirmed what the political leadership stated to the effect that there would be no return to war.

According to Sudan Vision Newspaper the following is the text of CPC decisions:

The Ceasefire Political Commission (CPC)
Resolution of the Special CPC meeting of Tuesday 27 May 2008-05-28
1. The CPC takes full cognizance of the serious situation in Abyei and expresses its deep concern about the turn of events, which shall be immediately deescalated.
2. The CPC reiterates the commitment of the two parties to the peaceful resolution of the conflict of Abyei and urges the Presidency to expedite the resolution of the Abyei conflict, according to the Abyei protocol.
3. The CPC asks the JDB to reconstitute the Abyei JIUs from the elements not involved in the recent incidents and redeploy it to Abyei as soon as possible.
4. The JIUs and the national police, as shall be determined by the Presidency, shall maintain law and order in Abyei.
5. The CPC confirms the decision of the CHMC that subsequent to JIUs taking over the responsibility of security in Abyei, along with police, SAF and SPLA Forces shall be redeployed outside the area.
6. The CPC directs the CJMC to investigate into what has taken place in the area including the following:-
a) The incidents before18, May 2008
b) The incidents of 19-20 May 2008-05-28
c) The incidents of detaining NCP’s officials
d) The cause of burning the town of Abyei
The investigation shall be finished within a maximum period of four weeks during which, the CJMC shall have access throughout the concerned area
7. The CPC appeals to the two parties to exercise maximum self-restrain and, particularly, avoid any inflammatory utterances or statements to the media
8. The CPC urges the Government of National Unity (GoNU), UN agencies, NGOs and the international community to take immediate action to alleviate the humanitarian situation of the displaced people of Abyei.


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