Kiir directs SPLA to withdraw from Abyei, says problem lies in non-implementation of Abyei Protocol

Media Monitoring Report, May 22, 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam)

The FVP Salva Kiir said the problem in Abyei lies in non-implementation of the Protocol of Abyei Area, which was violation of the CPA.

Kiir while addressing SPLM Silver Jubilee celebrations yesterday said he had rang up President Bashir yesterday in order to calm the situation in Abyei. He said he had made a commitment to President Bashir to withdraw SPLA outside the area provided SAF should also do the same and JIUs and UNMIS peacekeepers should take over.

Commissioner of Abyei Locality Mohamed Al-Doweirak said situations returned to normalcy in Abyei and was under full control.

However, sources said the situation in the area was tense and there were fears that fighting might resume.


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