Kodi says government igniting conflict in Abyei

Media Monitoring Report, May 8, 2008
(Khartoum Monitor)

Deputy Governor of Southern Kordofan State Daniel Kodi said that the Khartoum government is igniting conflict in Abyei while speaking at press conference yesterday at Khartoum Airport.

He disclosed that the government of southern Kordofan State has a work plan for implementing a project in which all tribes of the State will be involved with a view to enhancing co-existence and patching up the social fabric.

He added that the State in the last few months has witnessed fourteen incidents which have breached security in the State and that fact finding committees have been set up to investigate the incidents and bring criminals to justice.

Kodi emphasized the implementation of the Southern Kordofan Protocol as well as the Blue Nile Protocol.

He went on to say that the government in Khartoum misappropriates the funds allocated to Southern Kordofan State while the CPA provides for allocation of funds for the three areas which were affected by war. This is in order to develop health and education services in the areas. Regrettably, the funds are diverted to areas which are not affected by war like Keilak and Abu Jibeiha,. That is not credible on the part of the Federal government, as represented by the Ministry of Finance, he said.

Kodi said he rejected the Kharasana agreement between the governor of Southern Kordofan State, Omer Suleiman Adam and Governor of Unity State, Taban Deng.

He attributed the low census performance in Southern Kordofan State which realized 28% to the presidency which did not heed to his decree of boycotting the census on the account that no development work or services were rendered in Southern Kordofan.


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