Delegation from Partners visit Southern Kordofan, Messeriya urges FVP to withdraw SPLA troops south of 1.1.56

Media Monitoring Report, 29 April 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam/ Akhbar Al Yom)

The Governors of Southern Kordofan and Unity States at the direction of the GNU and GoSS yesterday signed an agreement designed to end border tension which had led to clashes between the Messeriya and SPLA in the Kharsana and Kailik areas during the week. The pact, which came into effect yesterday, calls for withdrawal by SPLA soldiers and their heavy weapons to Unity State over the next fortnight. According to the SPLM, the situation in the area was returning to normal. The following are the main provisions of the agreement:

1. As from Monday 28.4.2008, water shall be provided to SPLA barracks in Kailik and Kharsana. Civilians, households and the wounded persons shall be evacuated and that will be carried out by SAF.
2. SPLA shall begin withdrawing from Kharsana as from 28.4.2008.
3. The two parties shall be committed to pay blood money for those killed on both sides.
4. The Southern Kordofan Security committee and the command of Muglad military zone shall set up a force tasked with securing Umadara-Higlig road to ensure free movement of people, goods and commodities.
5. The Government of Southern Kordofan shall be committed to sensitize residents in the area about the need that the road should not be blocked and if there are any grievances that should be addressed to competent authorities.

The pact was signed by Governor of Unity State Taban Deng, Governor of Southern Kordofan State Omer Sulaiman Adam and witnessed by Ahmed Haroun (Ministerial Committee for Resolution of Border issues)


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