South Sudan army starts to redeploy troops from South Kordofan

April 29, 2008 (ST)

Authorities in Unity state and South Kordofan began today the implementation of an agreement signed on Monday stating the withdrawal of the southern Sudan army from Kharasana locality in northern Sudan.

This deal was reached between the two parties following a siege imposed by Misseriya tribesmen on the Sudan People’s Liberation Army position in the town to revenge the killing of 9 members of the tribe by some SPLA elements.

The SPLA garrison in Kharasana is located in the northern part of the country according to 1956 border demarcation.

Sudan Armed Forces spokesperson in the area Alsoarmi Khalid Saad said that the northern Sudan army has provided four large troop transporters to complete the SPLA withdrawal from the region in two weeks.

The governor of Unity State Taban Gai Deng and the governor of South Kordofan Omer Suleiman Adam signed on April 28, 2008 an agreement stating the redeployment of the SPLA south to the 1956 border line within two weeks. Also it was agreed to provide the SPLA with water by the SAF troops and the evacuation of their families from the military garrison.

The parties committed themselves to pay compensations for blood and other physical damages.

The clashes between the nomads and the southern Sudan army had been renewed following the killing of nine Messiriya tribesmen by some SPLA elements during a session of a traditional court. To revenge the killing, the Messeriya blockaded the SPLA troops and shut the water supply off to the entire garrison.

The northern Sudan army had prevented the arrival of SPLA military reinforcements to the besieged soldiers.


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