SPLM Asks Southern Kordofan Leaders To Call Off Boycott Of Census

25 April 2008 (SRS)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Southern Kordofan is asking state leaders to call off its boycott of the census after meeting with the National Congress Party.

The state’s SPLM Deputy Governor, Mr. Daniel Kodi, had said the census would not be allowed to go forward, citing insecurity and inadequate party representation within the state census office. He complained that border demarcation had not been done and internally displaced persons had not yet returned. He also expressed a concern that English language, and not Arabic language, questionnaires should be used, saying that Arabic language forms could be used to “mislead” people.

The joint SPLM-NCP committee urged the Mr. Kodi and other SPLM leaders in Southern Kordofan to call off the boycott and agreed to increase the state’s census budget so that more enumerators affiliated with the SPLM could be hired.

The joint committee also met with state security officials to discuss issues related to security arrangements and the integration of SPLM-affiliated bureaucrats into the civil service.

They also called for the formation of a ministerial committee to address any issues left unresolved.


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