Lino adopting foreign agenda, prominent Abyei figure

Media Monitoring Report, 6 April 2008
(Sudan Vision)

Abyei Liberation Front (ALF) criticized the recent visit made to Abyei by US Charge d'Affaires, Alberto Fernandez and UNSG Representative Ashraf Qazi and their meeting with Edward Lino. ALF Chairman, Mohammed Al-Ansari told Sudan Vision that the United States is the direct cause of the present development in Abyei and that the visit of the two officials comes within their efforts to prolong that development, affirming that Edward Lino is carrying out foreign agenda.

"We cannot hope for a solution from Washington which is the direct cause of what is now happening in Abyei," Al-Ansari said, affirming that the previous disorder that took place in Abyei will not be repeated. He dismissed Lino's recent threats as ineffectual and said they are committed to calming down the situation in the region in response to a request made by NCP. "This does not mean that we are unaware of what is going on in the region," he reiterated, noting that the situation is calm between the Messiriya and Dinka, though SPLA has mobilized forces in the southern area of Bahral-Arab in Jingai and Faribab regions, 15 km from Abyei, he added.

Al-Ansari stressed that the Front will stand by the government in its pursuit for a peaceful solution and expressed his appreciation for the statements made by NCP leading members on the step taken by Lino, which, he said, clearly indicates that NCP leaders are seeking to establish peaceful co-existence among citizens. He underlined that social relations between Messeriya and Dinka are presently quite normal, adding that "our basic problem is with SPLM and SPLA."


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