Lino affirms SPLM will not abandon the Abyei Administration

06 April 2008 (Miraya FM)

The head of the SPLM Abyei Administration Edward Lino said that his task is to monitor the political situation in the area.


Lino told Miraya FM that he is also there to continue providing services to the people of Abyei and he is not a temporary head of the administration.

He said that the SPLM's administration in Abyei will not be abandoned.

Lino called on the National Congress Party to participate in the Abyei Administration.

He added that there is no cooperation between the Security agents and the Sudan Armed Forces in the area.

Meanwhile, the head of the so called Abyei Liberation Movement Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ansari told Miraya FM that the Movement has appointed Lt. Gen. Mahdi Babo Nimir as a general commander for the movement in the area.

Al-Ansari said the commander is to be ready on what he said as a civil-jihad.

Al-Ansari said that there is a possibility of any action including war. However he said that dialogue is a priority.


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