Sudanese army says SPLA closed Abyei road

April 5, 2008 (Sudan Tribune)

Northern Sudan army renewed its accusations to the southern Sudan army of violating a peace deal signed in 2005. Today Khartoum said that SPLA troops closed the main road to the disputed Abyei.

Brigadier Osman Mohamed Al Aghbash, the spokesperson of Sudan Armed Forces said on Saturday that troops from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army are deployed 5km north of Abyei and closed the main road to Abyei.

The SPLA force moved from Al Ni’am camp, northern west Abyei, Al-Aghbash indicated.

He pointed out that SPLA troops ambushed a passenger bus and looted passengers’ properties.

He added that the Joint Control Commission had been notified of the violations and the joint board decided to conduct joint patrol to visit the site where SPLA troops are deployed.

Al-Aghbash said that this incident is a negative indictor and clearly breaches the security arrangements in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

The SPLA and the SAF trade accusations of troops build-up.

Further the northern Sudan ruling the National Congress Party demands the removal of a SPLM administration led by Edward Lino.

Since the signing of the CPA, Abyei has remained without any government or official status after the northern National Congress Party (NCP) rejected the borders outlined by an independent commission.



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