SPLA Deploys Force on Border Strip with North

April 5, 2008 (smc)

The National Congress Party (NCP) announces that partnership with SPLM witnesses unprecedented political test. It said if this shaking up situation was not surpassed the partnership would go escape goat as consequence of what happening in Abyei area.

Member of national congress and joint committee Al Dirdiri Mohammed Ahmed explains that institutions established according to CPA and interim constitution are quite enough and competent to impose rule of law. He said what we want to see on the ground is that SPLM has to show commitments and willing nest of willing to work cooperatively with NC based on respecting the principle of partnership. He stresses that if Abyei was not set for demarcation based on 1905 boundaries that would definitely shake up the partnership.

He confirms that NCP is committed on demarcation of Abyei according to 1905 boundaries with reference to what has been agreed upon with the movement. Ahmed criticizes SPLM by saying whenever it happens that we are about to reach an agreement on Abyei SPLM creates such a situation that confuses the whole setup.

In the same development SPLA continues sending more troops to northern Part of Upper Nile state.
It sent ground face battalion in a plan aims at consolidating SPLA presence throughout the border trip with the north. The battalion was moved from Faryang to Karassana before it has been deployed in northern Upper Nile. These deployments show evidence that SPLA is not abide to redeployment south ward.

It is reportedly that SPLA also plans to reject redeployment proposals from within joint defense council meeting on allegations that Armed Forces were not redeployed from south Kordofan and Kharassana areas and that demarcation process is non yet done.


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